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Who we are

Our company operates under the registered name “Theoprofil” with year of establishment in 2002 and object of activity is the trading of polyurethane panels, sheets and the manufacture of machines for the production of polyurethane panels and special components – accessory panels.

Personal Data and privacy

Data collection

Cases in which you are asked to share your data with us and the type of data:

  • When purchasing products from our online store, by placing an order by phone or by e-mail.
    • Personal data you may be asked to share with us: name, address, email address, telephone number and other contact information.
  • Access to our online store, sign up to our social media pages and our promotions (newsletter)
    • Personal data shared with us: Account information, such as username, device information, IP address, cookie data and location. Optionally (for subscribing to the newsletter) you are asked for your first and last name and if you are a professional or an individual, the latter is intended to send us material that may be of interest to you on a case-by-case basis.

Data processing

Your data is processed when ordering and paying for our products, for refunds and for contacting you (contacting you is done at your request).

Legal justification of data processing

We may use your data in the following cases:

  • Communicating with you about your requests, responding to questions, comments and complaints. Communicating with you about your purchases and orders.
  • Informing you about our products and offers (with your consent).
  • Conducting analyzes of your data on purchasing trends in order to improve and upgrade the range of products we provide to you.
  • To prevent fraud and other criminal activities.
  • For network and information security, in order to take steps to protect your information from loss, damage, theft or unauthorized access.

Data retention period

Retention time for inactive accounts: 3 (three) years
Pending order retention time: 1 (one) month
Retention time for failed, canceled and completed orders: 5 (five) days
Data relating to your order documents is kept for as long as required by law.

Who else may have access to your data

Your personal data is stored in a company database and is accessible by the relevant staff. Data communicated to us when you subscribe to our newsletter are stored in the database of the e-mail marketing service used by the company and which in turn complies with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your personal data may be shared, if requested, to fraud prevention organizations (OLAF), Cybercrime Prosecution, Police, etc.

Data transfer outside the EU and E.O.H.

We do not transfer your data outside the EU. and E.O.H.

Your rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018.

  • You have the right to access information about what data we have collected, for what purpose we have collected it and how long we will keep it.
  • You have the right to ask us to correct incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal information about you.
  • You have the right to ask us in writing to delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was collected and if your data is processed unlawfully in violation of the Personal Data Protection Regulation.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data.
  • You have the right to ask us to restrict or block the processing of your personal data if you question the accuracy of the information we hold about you, if you become aware that we are processing your data unlawfully or if you no longer wish to receive product promotions and our services.
  • Finally, you have the right to receive your personal data in a machine-readable format and send it to another controller.

If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact us via the contact form on our website. Submitting a request is free.

Learn more on the website of the Personal Data Protection Authority:

Security measures to protect your data

Our company takes all necessary measures to protect your data from loss, destruction, distortion and interception by third parties.

Links to other websites

While browsing our websites you may come across links to third party isotopes. Find out about their privacy policy.

Collection of data from plugins of our page

Akismet: We collect information about visitors who comment on websites that use the Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect depends on how the user enables Akismet for the site, but typically includes the commenter’s IP address, user agent, referring address, and website address (along with other information provided directly from the commenter such as name, address and the comment itself).

YITH WooCommerce Live Chat: This plugin uses a Firebase database with a Data Protection Officer (DPO) assigned to it. Through the pop-up button present on the website pages, users can contact a representative of us or send a message offline. Each time a chat conversation is started, the following data is stored: username, email address and customer IP address. They will be temporarily stored in Firebase (please see the Firebase Privacy Policy for more details). When the chat session is over, everything will be removed from Firebase and not stored anywhere else.

PayPal: Please see PayPal’s Privacy Policy at the link:

Cookies Policy

What are cookies and what information do they collect?

“Cookies” are small files with information that a website (specifically the web server) stores on a user’s computer, so that every time the user connects to the website, the latter retrieves the information in question and offers the user related to these services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as indicated by the choices the user makes on the specific website (e.g. selection of specific “buttons”, searches, advertisements, etc.).

The website may use cookies to identify the visitor / user in some of its services and pages. They are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user and do not take notice of any document or file from their computer.

They are used to facilitate the access of the visitor / user regarding the use of specific services of the site, for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which the services of the site are useful or popular or for advertising purposes.

The visitor / user of the site can set his computer in such a way that it either warns him about the use of cookies in specific services of the site or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. In the event that the visitor / user of the specific services and pages of the site does not wish to use cookies for his identification, he cannot have further access to these services.

What are the different types of cookies?

1. Mandatory or Absolutely Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for our site to function. Without them, some parts of our site will not work properly. These cookies do not contain information related to your internet browsing and are not used for advertising purposes.

2. Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies are used to have a “memory” in relation to your preferences and to provide the site with features that suit them. The information collected through cookies is anonymous, so that no personal information can be identified. Functional cookies are not used for selling advertising purposes but for serving advertising purposes.

3. Analytical performance cookies

Analytical performance cookies are used to control the performance of the site, for example to calculate the pages of the site that users browsed (page views) as well as the number of users who visited the site for the first time. The analysis of this data may be done by external actors. This information is useful for the analysis of the user’s behavior within the website with the direct aim of optimizing or maintaining the site to meet the user’s needs. The information is anonymous (it cannot be used to identify your details – it does not contain the use of email) and is used for statistical purposes.

What is’s cookie policy?

We, in collaboration with our trusted partners, use cookies for the following purposes:

1. Mandatory or ‘Strictly Necessary’ Cookies

We use the specific cookies to ensure optimal functionality of the site in the following ways:

Recognize users who have browsed the site again or are registered members of the site and allow them to be presented with a personalized version of the site.

Eliminate the need, for users who have entered the site once, to re-enter login information.

Communication with our site through a series of communication and information forms.

Create a shopping cart on our site.

2. Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to measure the behavior of visitors to our website with the ultimate aim of optimizing it. By using web analytics provided by Google Analytics, we can analyze which pages users visited and for how long, and through this we can provide the site with information in accordance with the results of the statistics (which demonstrate user interests). We also use these statistics to record customer preferences and set our advertising strategy based on them.

3. Cookies of other websites

You may notice that some pages of our site contain cookies that are not related to When you visit a page that contains data from other sites such as YouTube or Facebook, these sites use their own cookies on your device. does not control these cookies nor does it have access to them according to the way cookies work (only those who created them have access to cookies). Please check the policy of the sites in question for more information regarding these cookies.

How can I manage or stop the use of cookies?

Many users find the idea of using data intrusive on their personal data, especially when the data is being used by third parties. For example, you may object to the use of your data (derived from your browsing history on a website) to carry out an advertising campaign. If you want to prevent the use of cookies during your browsing, you can do so by following the following steps, knowing that this will affect the functionality of the website.

You can delete the cookies that have been created from your hard drive. You can also change the preferences/settings in the web browser you use. In some cases, you can accept cookies from certain sites and block the creation of third-party cookies. In other cases, you can block cookies from certain advertisers. You should be aware that deleting or blocking cookies may reduce the functionality of the site you are browsing. For more information regarding cookies you can visit or go to the help menu of the browser you are using. If you have trouble deleting or blocking cookies from your browser, contact your browser provider.

Delete Performance Analysis Cookies:

If you wish to delete such cookies, please click on one of the links below:

Google Analytics:

Alexa Direct Measurement:

Web Beacons

If you wish to delete existing web beacons or prevent their future use, please follow the instructions given above. We will be able to know how many emails were opened and we will have browsing data such as IP address but we will not have access to your personal information.

More information and Contact Details:

Please contact Theoprofil’s Privacy Department for more information on the cookies we use:

By email at:

By phone on: +30 24210 09068

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