Shipping and delivery methods and costs – Delivery Time

  1. Delivery from the Theoprofil store (10th km. Volos – Larissa, 38500).
    We suggest ordering online on our website as the best, cheapest and fastest way to order.
    Always contact via e-mail or telephone confirmation that the product you are interested in is ready for delivery.
    Hours of Operation: all working days and hours – except for the days when our company is closed for summer holidays, in which case the specific days and hours of operation will be listed on our website: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00.
  2. Delivery by Courier – Shipping by courier ELTA Door-to-Door. Delivery within 1-3 business days, depending on destination and time period. In times of high order load, such as Christmas – Easter holiday periods, the time period varies, so customers will be informed of the exact delivery time.
    · For hard-to-reach areas within Greece, shipping and packaging costs may vary upwards, in which case you will be informed by the shipping department.
    · For delivery on Saturday (as it is considered a non-working day) by courier there is an additional charge of €1.85 plus 24% VAT. You should mention this to us when completing the order, in the corresponding comment field.
    · The products are transported insured on behalf of the customer under the responsibility of the courier company. After delivery and receipt of the parcel, the responsibility is transferred to the customer.
    ATTENTION!: In some remote areas shipping by courier is still impossible. In such cases, the shipment is made by conventional mail – ELTA.
    · For returns and replacements of products without our fault, shipping costs are borne by the customer in both directions (delivery – pickup). You can send us the products for return or replacement, after first packing them in a parcel format, similar or the same as the parcel format you received them. Because our products are delicate, you will need to photograph them before you send them to us and after you have packed them for shipping so that we can see and approve your packaging. If we do not approve it, you must pack them according to our instructions. We suggest you take a photo of our packaging so that you can do something similar to ours, using – where possible – our own packaging materials. If for some reason you send a product that was damaged in transit, we reserve the right to deduct part of the compensation you request or send you a new product with you paying the difference. Don’t forget the photocopy of the purchase document.
    We only accept parcels with ELTA Door-to-Door or with our partner transport companies at our own cost and only if it is our fault for the return of the products.
    You can send your parcel with any other transport or courier company but at your own charge (sender’s charge). This way you save on shipping costs (by benefiting from our lower costs) and you are charged when shipping – returning your products with shipping costs.
    Of course you can bring your products in person to our store 10th km. Volos – Larisa. The execution of the orders can be done from 2 to 10 days depending on the workload and the stock, in case your order will be loaded after the end of 3 days, you will be informed by phone or by e-mail about the loading date.